SINAYA “Maze Of Madness”

”Maze Of Madness”
(Brutal Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Another Brazilian band that I am new to. This is supposedly thrash/death metal. Listening to this I gotta say that I agree to a certain degree. Sure, I am a stickler for genres but in the end, it doesn’t matter where the band fits in as long as it is good. It is a bit anal retentive to keep putting bands in the right sub-genres to fit my sense of order. I am too old and too tire to keep doing that anymore. Nowadays I just listen and place the band alphabetically. SINAYA has a heaviness to their sound that makes me think Arch Enemy on half speed. If I were to place them in any sort of compartment then that is where I’d place them. As I listen to this is get the thrash part of their sound. This chugs along nicely. A really cool album. Anders Ekdahl

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