Sinbreed – “Master Creator”


Sinbreed – “Master Creator” (AFM Records)

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Blistering German power metal! If you like your power metal delivered with speed and bountiful melodies then Sinbreed’s 3rd album is the one for you!! Featuring Blind Guardian drummer Frederik Ehmke and until recently guitarist Marcus Siepen, along with vocalist Herbie Langhans (Avantasia), Sinbreed has taken a long time in coming, beginning with guitarist Flo Laurin in 2005 and then another five years before the debut “When Worlds Collide”. Since then, however, the impetus has grown with “Master Creator” arriving just two years after its 2014 predecessor. With a strong, guitar driven style, most of the songs take the trademark upbeat stance which might be same-o to many, but given those incredible melodies songs like ‘Across The Great Divide’ thunder along with an epic heart stealing glory that I simply find irresistible! Still, that’s not saying Sinbreed are a one trick pony and certainly on this album they do try different things from ‘Last Survivor’ which slows things down a tad and sounds a little like WASP to ‘At The Gate’, a ballad beginning with gentle piano and Herbie’s passionate vocals before the band come in, albeit at a distance. On the more mid tempo ‘Moonlit Night’ you get to hear Flo Laurin’s keyboard talents with its more atmospheric and slightly moody style offset by some neo classical soloing, but overall the band doesn’t depart radically from its core sound, closing happy clappy Freedom Call style in ‘On The Run’. As I said it all works just fine for me given the high standard of catchy compositions and musicianship – especially noting Langhans superbly versatile vocals that perfectly blend soulfulness with manliness in delivering top notch performances time and again on yet another impressive release.

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