SINEZAMIA “Senza Fiato”

“Senza Fiato”
I have no idea what it is about Italian (I blame Eroz Ramazotti and Kommisari Montalbano) but it triggers emotions in me that I almost didn’t know I had. I don’t understand a single word they say but I do get the emotional message. The same can be said for songs sung in Italian. There is a charm to it that makes it hard to resist. SINEZAMIA might not be the band that I’d pick up first but I gotta admit that there is something to their metal that appeals to be in parts. I don’t know if it is the tiny bits of progressive that appeals to me or if it is just the Italian lyrics. Something makes me like this. When I try to describe this all I can think of is a slightly mad Canadian (you know who) that seems to be all over the place. Musically perhaps not so correct but emotionally, yeah maybe. Check it out for yourself. Anders Ekdahl

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