SINISTER DOWNFALL “A Dark Shining Light”

“A Dark Shining Light”

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As soon as I saw this band name I knew that I had reviewed one of the previous albums. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember what I wrote about it so I had to look up the review. Apparently I was pretty impressed with what I heard. So it is with that in mind that I tackle this album. hopefully I will be as blown away this time as I was the last time. I even wrote that SINISTER DOWNFALL was my new fave funeral doom band. The competition is harder this time but if they (he) up the ante I might very well move this new one to the forefront. This is more in line with good old Finnish funeral doom like Unholy or Belial. Darker, more sinister but still melancholic. This is the great stuff. And I love it. Anders Ekdahl

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