SINISTER “The Carnage Ending”

”The Carnage Ending”
Sinister is one of these bands that I’ve been aware of forever but haven’t really bothered checking out at all. Since the early 90s when the first album was released I’ve only come in contact with them once and to be honest I don’t remember too much of that album. So it is basically like starting from scratch now that a new album is on the table. Sinister has always been death metal and seeing as they are Dutch you are forgiven for thinking that this will be a glorious ride. Call it old school, call it whatever you like. This is the kind of death metal that Morbid Angel dealt in back in the days although a tad sped up. This is the kind of death metal that Cannibal Corpse still does to this day. This is death metal in one of its purest forms. You don’t get much more death metal than this. This is where it started and this is where it will end. Anders Ekdahl

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