Sinner – “One Bullet Left”

“One Bullet Left”
(AFM Records)

Holy crap, I almost did a double take when I heard the likes of ‘Back On Trail’ or ‘Mend To Be Broken’, thinking it was the latest Thin Lizzy album so uncanny were the riffs and even the vocals of Matt Sinner! Since the 80s, Sinner have been a mainstay in Germany’s hard n heavy scene although Matt’s more recent involvement with the likes of Primal Fear are likely where most people place him these days. However, “One Bullet Left” is something else, excelling in every sense of it’s title with passion and fury thanks to the bands turbo charged 3 guitar line up! As such even ballads like ‘Suicide Mission’ are gutsy and balls out without losing their passion, just the way hard rock should sound! Complete with a clean n big sound mix, “One Bullet Left” shows that Matt Sinner still has plenty of rounds left in his arsenal!

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