Sinner – “Touch Of Sinner 2”

Sinner – “Touch Of Sinner 2” (AFM Records)

If you’re a fan of early Sinner, then this may be the treat for you! Anyone trying to purchase their long deleted 80s albums will either be paying extortionate prices or be involved in legal wrangles only to find – as Matt Sinner did himself – that the original tapes have been long lost. As such any original intention to do a re-mix soon went up in flames, but being the veteran hard rocker that he is, Matt Sinner trounced everyone by simply announcing new recordings of the best of those early classics! Taking inspiration Sinner’s early career you’ve got tracks like ‘Knife In My Heart’ from 1985’s “Touch Of Sin” to ‘Concrete Jungle’ from ’87’s “Dangerous Charm” to ‘Danger Zone’ from their self titled 1984 album – 11 classics in all! Additionally, there’s 3 brand new songs like ‘Don’t Believe A Word’ which also make the grade to be fitting complements to their older counterparts, but all of which feature the classy, catchy hard rock of Sinner – also joined this time by guests David Readman (Voodoo Circle, Pink Cream 69), Erik Martensson (W.E.T.), Tom Naumann (ex- Primal Fear/Sinner) & Diego Valdez (Helker). All in all an excellent release fulfilling a number of long sought requirements from the fans in one fell swoop from the German hawk of hard rock himself – Matt Sinner!

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