SINNERANGEL ” Sinister Decálogo”

” Sinister Decálogo”
(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t get sent as many Colombian black metal releases as I wish. But when it does happen I almost always thoroughly enjoy what I hear. I have no doubt whatsoever that SINNERANGEL will be highly entertaining. My patience for intros are very short but the one that opened this album wasn’t too bad. It set the tone for the album. I often use early Marduk and Dark Funeral as references in my reviews but I am not too sure that I am that correct most of the time. But this does remind of that 90s Swedish sound the way I want it to sound like. To me the biggest difference between Swedish and Norwegian 90s black metal is that the Swedish sound has much more heavy metal in it. SINNERANGEL also feel like they have a lot of heavy metal in them. This turned out just as cool as I had hoped it would. Anders Ekdahl

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