SINONCENCE “No Gods, No Masters Vol 1”

“No Gods, No Masters Vol 1”
I can’t say that I know too much of the metal scene in either Ireland or Northern Ireland. But based on the stuff that I’ve come upon recently more eyes should be turned to the green island. It is not all potatoes and famine. They also got some really cool metal acts all over the place. SINONCENCE is proof of that. I kinda expected a more thrash oriented sound but this is pretty heavy metal in style. And anything that is heavy metal is good in my book. I can see how this will get the punters throwing their fists in the air down at the local concert hall. This has the potential of getting big if it just hits the right spots. So why don’t you start with checking out this latest album from SINONCENCE. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed if you like your metal heavy. Anders Ekdahl

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