SIRANNON “Semper Caliga”

“Semper Caliga“
(Unmerciful Death)
I might not have given the impression that I like corpse painted black metal bands but the truth be told I find it fascinating to find out what hides behind the make-up. Sirannon have that ancient Scandinavian sound going for them that I like. It’s like being transported back in time when I hear harsh, primitive black metal with no symphonic or twisted turns. Just pure unadulterated filth. That the band hails from Turkey hasn’t got anything to do with anything. You might want to read into it a religious aspect but this is black metal for the sake of black metal. Just as much as I like bands like Svartsyn or Sorhin I like Sirannon. They keep the spirit of “true” black metal high. Give it a chance. I promise you that you’ll like it just as much as I do. Anders Ekdahl

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