SIROCCO “Lambay”

I’m not gonna bore you with how I can’t tell pagan from heathen from folk metal. I’ve given up on even trying to decipher what is what. From now on I’ll just enjoy it for what it is and not bother trying to figure out where it fit in. SIROCCO is my first attempt at this. For some reason I get a very Irish/Celtic feel from this band and not just from them originating from the Green island. It wouldn’t surprise me if the violin or accordion popped up any minute now. But to my disappointment this isn’t anything like that. I would have settled for a Skyclad type of band but that SIROCCO isn’t either. I have no idea what they are all about. It feels that they are more traditional NWOBHM in spirit than anything else with the added touch of the lyrics giving the music a wayfarer kind of feeling. Anders Ekdahl

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