Sister – “Disguised Vultures”


Sister – “Disguised Vultures” (Metal Blade Records)

Nasty. Sister make Motley Crue look like pansies and Marilyn Manson even cutesy. Fueled by the aftershock of Black Metal this Swedish band perversely mix elements of this into their street punk trash rock n roll. Don’t be expecting poofed up hair, tanned bodies and girlie yelps, Sister look as emaciated as the undead, with lank hair and a crusted look that is anything but ‘glam’ but more in the freakshow style of WASP or even Wrathchild (a la Rocky Shades etc) back in the 80s. Still, that’s not saying there’s no glam in their music – indeed there is in the harmonies and melodies – but it’s more in the street sleaze vein, put in the blender along with ugly drawling vocals and raw rock n roll riffs on songs like ‘Sick’, ‘Slay Yourself’ and ‘Please Kill Me’. With the punk element adding both in the singalong aspect to some of their material as well as giving the rhythm some attitude, Sister realize the dream that Blackie Lawless and Nikki Sixx once started in their namesake project while carrying on the legacy of Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson in the next generation of this twisted circus ride.

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