Sister Shotgun – “Fragments”

Sister Shotgun – “Fragments” (Pavement Music)

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Mixing metallic heaviness and rock melody, Sister Shotgun have toured across the UK and Europe including festival appearances at Hard Rock Hell, Macmillan Fest, and FortFest. With their accompanying music videos amassing collectively over 150,000 views, the band have just been signed to a multi album deal by Pavement Music, kicking off with this debut produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral for a Friend, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me the Horizon). Reflected in their name, Sister Shotgun’s ability to write highly catchy but ballsy material is no fluke judging by the 10 winning numbers here, and coupled with a large sound geared towards arenas, have definitely set their sights well beyond their West Midlands home ground. Fronted by classically trained Chloe Ozwell, there may not be a hint of symphony on “Fragments” but the measured touches of alt rock and even goth definitely do the trick in making the music here even more enticing. Driven by the twin guitars of Benji Tatlock and Niall Wills, Sister Shotgun are not just heavy, but equally possess plenty of deep emotion that when added to by Ozwell’s versatile range, be it sultry, soulful or screaming proves ultimately irresistible, hence why these guys have been snapped up! From the hammering opener ‘Sacred Heart’, the guitars thunder and rage as Ozwell’s soulful highs are contrasted by some harsh male growls, but all to the addictive power melody running through the song. On ‘Miss Fortune’ the alt groove has plenty of guitar balls backing it thanks to that metallic heaviness leaving Ozwell to alternate between her clean singing and sultry rhymes, but always hitting home with the emotion that here has a hint of melancholy. Closing with ‘Scorn’ the guitars really power up and simply ooze emotion before Dave Harvey hits the double bass pedal allowing Ozwell to hit her highs, matched by wailing guitars on this dramatic contrasting number that skilfully uses alternating tempos, tear welling melody and heaviness bordering on harshness to show why these guys and lady deserve their name. Expect to hear from Sister Shotgun!

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