Sister – “Stand Up, Forward, March!”


Sister – “Stand Up, Forward, March!” (Metal Blade)

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With an album cover that seems to bear a resemblance to “Queen II” this Swedish sleaze / punk outfit have clearly set their sights high on this all important 3rd album. Relentlessly touring over the last few years playing their brand of raw, high energy trash n roll, Sister have established themselves as a live act to match all over Europe, sharing stages with Metallica, Slayer, The Offspring and Mastodon, plus touring with acts like U.D.O, Wednesday 13 and Hardcore Superstar. The sheer diversity of these acts is proof positive that rather than being some commercially manufactured bubblegum band, Sister have gone underneath all the genre stereotypes to concentrate on what appeals to the heart of any true rocker – ballsy rock out riffs and catchy killer melodies played intensely and with a euphoric passion that even brain dead zombies would find hard to ignore! Despite their dark, blackened image along with Jamie Anderson‘s occasional throat strained vocals on the likes of the somber ‘Let It Bleed’, its those addictive choruses that really make Sister the band winning hearts and minds all over. Best of all, it doesn’t matter whether the songs are fast or slow or punk or rock or metal – those choruses come out trumps all the damn time! From the cruisin’ ‘Trail of Destruction‘ complemented by guitarist Tim Tweak’s own killer melodic lick to the shout it out metallic anthem of ‘Unbeliever‘ to my personal fave, the brooding teen chugger of ‘Endangered Species‘ that’s as piston pounding as Priest, yet with a tender Skid Row chorus that’s as ringing as ‘…hallowed be thy name..’ – amen to that! “Stand Up, Forward, March!” is more than a title, its a belief that’s etched into the 11 tracks here that will take this band to new, even higher levels of deserved success.

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