SITUS MAGUS “Le Grand Oeuvre”

“Le Grand Oeuvre”
French black metal is so much more that Deathspell Omega even if that is the band that has made the most rounds in the media. SITUS MAGUS wants to prove that with this album. That there is an almost religious black metal movement bands like Deathspell Omega, Funeral Mist,Ofermod and Watain has proven but what does it really mean in terms of music? What I like about that bands mentioned above is that they are all so different in sound. Yet they operate within the same frame of metal. SITUS MAGUS might be as quirky as Deathspell Omega but they have a long way to go before they will match them step by step. This is black metal for those of you that feel that ordinary song structures are for weaklings. I think I’ll need some more time with the band before I am truly convinced of their greatness. Anders Ekdahl

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