Six Feet Under – “Unborn”

Six Feet Under – “Unborn” (Metal Blade Records)

Produced less than a year apart from last summer’s “Undead”, “Unborn” continues pretty much in the same style which is unsurprising as main man Chris Barnes has now indicated that most of the songs here were actually sketched out at the time for inclusion on a colossal double album – hence the similar cover artwork – but even that proved too much for the man monster himself! Still, there are differences as Barnes’s scream-like-a-pig shrills are minimal (and missed IMO) with instead the incorporation of more fluid guitar work especially in the use of melodies – evil ones naturally – and a generally faster, more dynamic rhythm on songs like ‘Prophecy’, ‘Inferno’ and ‘Alive To Kill You’. With Ben Savage from Whitechapel, Jari Laine from Torture Killer, and former guitarist Rob Arnold both song writing and making guest appearances it’s clear that Barnes wants to take SFU beyond the modern primitive and into the realms of modern death metal. I can’t fault the man being one of the founding fathers of US death metal; “Unborn” presently straddles somewhere between the two and it may well be that Barnes finds his niche therein, but cannibal metal when done to the uber excellent levels that SFU first pioneered was something that still has its milestone in metal history.

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