“Blank slate”
Another Italian band that tries to sound modern. Nothing wrong with that. As long as they don’t try to sound like Nickelback I’m happy. This is what you’d call modern hardrock like the tons of American bands you most likely will hear on college radio shows. I know the names of the bands this reminds me of but I can’t for the life of me pull them out of my head. I even have a couple of CDs by these bands in my collection. Maybe not my first choice of hardrock but on a decent day I can appreciate this the same way I appreciate other music. There’s something positive about this that brings a smile to my face. It almost transports me back to my youth before I realised that you have to listen to specific styles of metal to not be labelled a poser. Today I’m older and wiser and I have no problems admitting that I like this kind of hardrock too. Anders Ekdahl

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