“Millions Of Burning Flames”
I’m sorry to say so but I have very diffuse memories of SIXTY MILES AHEAD’s EP from when I reviewed it. I do faintly recall that I didn’t find it too shabby of a record and that I saw potential in it. Now it is time to pass judgment on the full length album. OK so this reminds of a Metallica light circa the black album but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are bits’n’pieces that I like on that Metallica album. Perhaps there will bits’n’pieces that I’ll like on this SIXTY MILES AHEAD album. One thing that I like is that this isn’t as alternative as I thought it would be. There is an attitude to it that stops it from being as utterly crappy as Nickelback are. Call this alternative metal if you like but if you go for the softer spots of bands like Metallica you might find great enjoyment in it. I’m not ashamed to admit that this isn’t as shitty as it could have been. It äs actually quite good. Anders Ekdahl

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