Skálmöld – “Með Vættum”


Skálmöld – “Með Vættum” (Napalm Records)

Skálmöld was founded in 2009 and has since become Iceland’s biggest metal band. Playing Viking Metal that is true to their heritage in the land of fire and ice, there is a definite battlefield spirit as the band takes heavily from heroic, folk and mythic stories on their epic songs like ‘Að vetri’ and ‘Með drekum’. Featuring a 3 pronged guitar attack that could keep a fire breathing dragon at bay, lead vocalist Björgvin Sigurðsson’s harsh, sea dog vocals sounds like he spends a lot’ve time in Iceland’s wild but unforgiving landscape shouting defiantly into the freezing wind as the rest of the band rip n roar aggressively like their forefathers rowing their long ships hungrily with blood lust and plunder in their minds, all to Jón Geir Jóhannsson’s battle drum beats. Still, they have their mellow spiritual moments, which incidentally also seems to be in the title of this 4th release, courtesy again of the guitars and their rich Norse melodies, not to mention Gunnar Ben’s keyboards that definitely go beyond melody in adding a strong atmosphere shrouding the material. Skálmöld offer a total Norse experience that draws heavily from their ancient past, but in doing so keeps their culture alive and into the now without any sign of compromise!

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