SKAM “Sound Of A Disease”

“Sound Of A Disease”
(Petrichor Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I really, really like Anti-Cimex. I have done so since the 80s. I am also a fan of stuff like Moderat Likvidation and Black Uniforms. Classic Swedish crust/metal. I am also a huge fan of Discharge. When all this is combined I am in my own little heaven. That is where I am hoping that this one-man army will take me with this album. I am not too convinced that this will ever take me to a cross between Discharge and crust/käng because this one sounds more like a grindcore explosion. This is chaotic like hell. But somehow I end up liking the chaos that is created. Not something that I will listen to 24/7 but every now and then when I need to let off steam. Anders Ekdahl

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