SKELATOR “Agents Of Power”

”Agents Of Power”
(Metal On Metal)
Skelator is a band name that I’ve seen around for some time now. Never got round to check them out though which might prove to have been a wrong move. Well, well, hopefully this new album will correct my way of error. I have kinda high hopes that this will be a full on heavy metal album filled with some of the greatest metal this side of Manowar/Doomsword. I have a soft spot for American power metal. Some of my favourites are American bands like Omen and Sanctuary. Skelator operates in that same realm as those two bands. This is full on force metal that waves its fists in the air like a synchronized unit. You gotta be totally deaf and dumb to not like this kind of metal. This is the stuff I can play over and over again and not grow tired of. This is metal that will live on forever. Anders Ekdahl

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