Skeletal Remains
“Beyond The Flesh”
(FDA Rekotz)
Californian death metal has for the longest of time been Autopsy to me. And although I’ve heard countless of bands from that area I can’t seem to remember a specific sound making any kind of impact on me. But maybe Skeletal Remains (not to be confused with Skeletal Earth) will do that, or not. It did start with a very promising track that made me thing of early Death and perhaps Autopsy too. Having grown up with that sound I can’t help feeling like this is da shit. This is the kind of death metal that is the closest to my heart. I simply love the basicness of this kind of metal. No fussing about, just to the point death metal with guitar solos. This is the classic stuff. I’m so happy that more and more bands are picking up on this sound again. These are the records that I treasure the most when I get them. Anders Ekdahl

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