Skid Row – “United World Rebellion – Chapter One”

Skid Row – “United World Rebellion – Chapter One” MCD (UDR / EMI)

Skid fuckin’ Row man. This New Jersey crew ruled in the early 90s where their brand of east coast US hard rock bridged an essential gap between the commercial ballady rock of Bon Jovi and metal in general. Shakin with sass, spittin on the sidewalk and churning some of the meanest kick ass rock songs EVER, Skid Row eventually went that way in the mid 90s from grunge trauma and fracture with their vocalist Sebastian Bach. Reforming in 1999, the rumor mill has remained abound with Bach’s return so despite being in fine form with new vocalist Johnny Solinger, Skid Row have not regained their past glories. “United World Rebellion – Chapter One” is something of a departure – at least technically. Rather than put out a whole album, the band have decided to write and then successively release 3 mini albums over the course of this year. According to the band it’s less pressure on them and on the strength of songs here I’d haveta agree, cos they are the closest I’ve heard Skid Row compose to those 80s classics! Fiery opener ‘Kings Of Demolition’ continues where ‘Monkey Business’ left off, while ‘This Is Killing Me’ could be this year’s ‘I Believe In You’ and ‘Let’s Go’ – well that’s ‘Youth Gone Wild’ – or wilder in this case. “United World Rebellion – Chapter One” is just kick ass pedal to the metal Skid fuckin’ Row man! While the jury is still out with the remaining chapters still to go, ‘…Chapter One’ is an excellent start and most of all, a fine return to the band’s classic form that graced us all those years ago.

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