Skindred – “Kill The Power”


Skindred – “Kill The Power” (Double Cross Records)

”….babylon’s burning, tear it down!!!..’ – yeah maaaan, charged with all the furor of the English riots comes the dub agit rock of Skindred, one of the few bands that can play Wacken Open Air and simultaneously also rank in the reggae charts! This amazing band came together from the ashes of the ill fated Dub War towards the end of the 90s, and since then have been festival favorites across the world where they have touched the hearts of millions. And it’s to see why: Skindred play an alt rock that blending punk, reggae, and rock along with hip hop and even dance to create one of the most eclectic – yet accessible – beats guaranteed to give you a full mind n body spazz out! Yeah, honestly, you gotta wonder as Benji Webbe’s vocals skank n shake effortlessly between the ragga beat of ‘World’s On Fire’ to the Slayer-esque thrash of ‘Proceed With Caution’ to the punk pop of ‘Saturday’ how they can sound this good – oil and water don’t mix – fuck off, Skindred prove that it not only can, but the resulting synergy is good enough to sell 500,000 albums worldwide. If you’ve never experienced Skindred then get this album, cos the production this time round ensures the sound is close enough to their live shows and listen, just open your mind and heed the words of wisdom to ‘…encourage one another, together we’ll be stronger…’. All praises to Jah!

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