SKINEATER “Dermal Harvest”

“Dermal Harvest”
I must say that I haven’t paid too much attention to SKINEATER before this album. I have no explanation as to why I’ve neglected them but as with everything there is no time like now. Perhaps I’ll discover that this deserves my attention. Yet it still feels like I’ve heard this before. Not that I find it bad in any way but this is death metal that offers very little surprises. Call it dependable but don’t call it boring. This is death metal that is both heavy and melodic. In parts it reminds me of Dissection, only heavier. But this doesn’t remind of only the more melodic side of the heavier end of death metal. It also makes me think of the more extreme metal bands like Deicide. So if you could imagine a mix of Deicide and Dissection then you’ll be a long way to understanding this album. Anders Ekdahl

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