Skinny Puppy – “hanDover”

Skinny Puppy
(Synthetic Symphony / SPV GmbH)

OMG, Ogre and cEvin Key – aka Skinny Puppy – have returned with their 14th album! These guys must be what, pushing 50 nowadays having formed SP back in the early 80s and pretty much been the forerunners of today’s trance / electro / industrial scenes? Still, there is nothing repetitive or even predictable about the samples and beats that they use on tracks like ‘Cullorblind’, ‘Gambatte’ and the ultra chaos ‘NoiseX’ – in fact, there is an undercurrent of broiling angst almost as if like two immature dads they’re once again trying to change the world in their own right. And why not? When you’ve got a world based on wanton unashamed greed coupled with political impotence and collusion is it a wonder that the mainstream masses are as indifferent as they are? Well as long as there is one last (electro) beat in the hearts of Skinny Puppy, they’ll be still blasting beats at the badman before passing on their crown.

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