Skinny Puppy – “The Greater Wrong Of The Right”

skinny puppy

Skinny Puppy – “The Greater Wrong Of The Right” re-issue (Metropolis Records)

The pioneers of industrial and electro rock have returned! Formed in the 80s by Nivek Ogre (vocals) and cEvin Key (the rest), Skinny Puppy fused a number of styles from new wave to punk to electro noise along with sampling to form a sound that would inspire later bands like Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy and Ministry. Fuelled themselves by the world around them, their lyrics and political stance also took the form of addressing issues on the environment, animal rights, and AIDs. It was not without its toll however, and with the use of drugs leading to increasingly erratic behavior in the band, resulted in the death of keyboardist Dwayne Goettel in 1995, as well as the ultimate demise of Skinny Puppy. But close to a decade later, the band were back and 2004 saw them release “The Greater Wrong Of The Right”, their 9th & first new full-length LP since 1996’s “The Process”. Not only more positive in it’s vibe, it heralded a more rave orientated style to songs like ‘DaddyuWarbash’ and ‘Past Present’ along with recognizable lyrics from a once intelligible Ogre. Still, songs like ‘Neuwerld’ were anything like easy listening, featuring dark melodies inspired by events like 9/11, off key singing and monotone choruses guaranteed in the serious weirdness stakes – Marilyn Manson sounded tame by comparison! But with the continued strong mix of outlandish beats and samples like on the electro reggae of ‘Goneja’, Skinny Puppy’s material still had more to do with a mind altering experience than mere dance or even rock. Now remastered to bring out these songs to have an even greater effect on the senses, this landmark album is one of the most defining moments in Skinny Puppy’s history, a band alone that defined history in their time.

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