SKYCLAD “Forward Into The Past”

“Forward Into The Past”

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This is a band that really shouldn’t need any sort of presentation. After Martin Walkyier left Sabbat he formed SKYCLAD. A band that has made a name for themselves as a thinking man’s band. Walkyier left the band but they kept going continuing doing really clever records. If you only were to read one band’s lyrics this is the band to so with. They have always had a very poetic knack in how they take on the problems of the world. And then they have had the music to back that up making every album a very interesting package. Now that they are back with a new album the question begs to be answered; have they managed to deliver yet another cracker of an album? To me a SKYCLAD album has always been one that has strong songs with melodies that you can sing along to. To me it has been a happening, like an Irish pub where everybody sings and are jolly. And I get that feeling from this new album. You really want to be a part of it and that to me is what SKYCLAD is all about. Anders Ekdahl

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