Slaegt – “Domus Mysterium”

Slaegt – “Domus Mysterium” (Ván Records)

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If you remember the halcyon days of the early 80s, when Venom stood comfortably alongside Motorhead, Mercyful Fate and Heavy Load and it was all just called ‘metal’, then Slaegt take us right back to that time, albeit with a modern sound. A youthful band from Denmark formed by schoolmates, they’re already making quite an impact through a debut, split release and single in only 5 years and this wild sophomore brings together a fully fledged band now poised to tour and man, what splendid noise these guys make! With Olle Bergholz’s twanging bass prominent in the mix and unfraid to give the late Lemmy a run for his money in Rickenbacker strummability, founder Oskar J. Frederiksen’s haunting drawls add the darkness while Adam CC. Nielsen brings on a pummeling back beat through pounding drums and cymbal destruction. Adding Anders M. Jørgensen’s guitar to that of Frederiksen is where the true mark is, raw and revving like motorbikes while ably dishing out clanging Nordic melodies with plenty of wails and 80s warbling to induce plenty of headbanging highs on complex, guitar driven songs like ‘I Smell Blood’ and ‘The Tower’. Despite its ominous title, there’s also plenty of metal, rock and folkish melodies, trippy groove and even rock n roll elements stringed unshamedly along the way and thanks to the gifted composing and arrangements, sit comfortably alongside acoustic and ambient passages – hell, I seem to remember even a piano in there somewhere ha ha! As such, most of tracks are around the 7 minute mark, with the title track closer ‘Domus Mysterium’ clocking in at an epic 13 minutes, a testimony to the huge talent – and musical spirit – of the young guys here. A very ambitious effort indeed, bringing together familiar past styles into an eclectic sound that is both exciting and definitely noticeable!

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