SLAP GURU ”Diagrams of Pagan Life”

”Diagrams of Pagan Life”
(SixteenTimes Music)

Battle Helm Rating

In Swedish slap guru means something completely different than it does in English. Thankfully this is not a Swedish band but a Spanish band with an Italian singer. The band name makes much more sense. This is musically psychedelic stoner/hardrock. If you like your music with a sort of jam feeling you are gonna like this. if you on the other hand have a huge aversion for anything slightly resembling open endings and jazz you should stay away from this. But for us that don’t mind things dragging on this is the good stuff. Not that this is one huge jam with no end. No, this is an album with songs that have a beginning and an end. But it has that free-spirited feeling of anything is possible. This one turned out to a heavy slab of cool stoner/hardrock. Anders Ekdahl

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