Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – “World On Fire”


Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – “World On Fire” (Roadrunner Records / Dik Hayd International)

Soul. This album has got so much soul I’m on emotional overload. Slash of course needs no introduction having amassed 100 million album sales worldwide, seen him awarded a Grammy, been nominated for seven more and inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Along with bionic Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy these two have become the dynamic duo of modern rock n roll. But even so this album is something else. It simply has so much energy pulsating out’ve it that it positively blazes the essence of true rock like the radiant light of God! Whilst Slash’s first two solo albums were highly respectable affairs that drew from his roots in Guns N Roses, he has hit gold on “World On Fire”, cos it literally does exactly that. Right from the off, the positive upbeat rock riffs coming out’ve Slash’s guitars grab you and start to shake you with irresistible rock n roll energy that will have your jaw dropping at first, then on your feet rockin out. Then Myles Kennedy’s voice comes in and that’s when the epiphany hits you – God and the Devil can rock together – and you are on fire man, rock n roll fire!!!! With seventeen unbelievable tracks “World On Fire” deserves to be up there with the greatest the rock brigade has to offer the world, from outstanding compositions like ‘Beneath The Savage Sun’ to ‘Withered Delilah’ and my personal fave ‘Dirty Girl’. Everyone, and I mean everyone has pulled out the stops on this one from bassist Todd Kerns to drummer Brent Fitz to the stupendous performances of Kennedy’s blessed voice and Slash’s possessed guitar work (undoubtedly the man has the pick of destiny lol – ed) skillfully harnessed by Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette’s AAA production. It’s damn near the perfect rock n roll album – do not miss this one because without a shadow of a doubt it’s ROCK N ROLL ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!!

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