Slaughterday – “Ravenous”


Slaughterday – “Ravenous” MCD (FDA-Rekotz)

Awesome. Bludgeoning old school death metal that takes off from where the legends of Autopsy, Death and Massacre left us all those years ago. Formed in 2010 by the duo of ex-Obscenity’s Jens Finger (all guitars) and ex- BK 49er Bernd Reiners (Drums/Vocals), Slaughterday have gone from strength to strength in playing their sick and raw trademark sound of evil, with whirring diddly dee guitars, hoarse guttural vocals, chopping bass and hammer stamping drums. Best of all, they have honed to perfection the catchy beats and rhythms that those bands of old pioneered and its great to hear that again on the excellent songs making up this mini album like ‘Crawling In Secrecy’, ‘Abyss Of Nameless Fear’ and a ripping cover of Acheron’s ‘Ave Satanas’. A fantastic release that will appeal to anyone with an appreciation of old school death – I can’t wait for the next album cos I am truly ravenous after this one!!!!

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