SLAY MY SANITY ”Heartbeat of Chaos”

”Heartbeat of Chaos”

Battle Helm Rating

This Russian five-piece thrash metal band are new to me. I have never ever thought about it before but when I listen to this album I realize what an impact a band like the The Haunted has had on the global metal scene. Just like The Haunted are melodic in all their aggressive chaos SLAY MY SANITY are the same. If you look beyond the barb wire guitars and the almost death metal-ish vocals you find a melodic streak. I have always tried to look for this kind of sound in much older thrash but always failed miserably. But now I know where it comes from. And since I am a huge friend of The Haunted SLAY MY SANITY fit like a glove. This is a really cool slab of thrash that I will enjoy over and over. Anders Ekdahl

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