SLEEPERS AWAKE “Transcension”

I must admit that when I listen to an Opeth album I often find myself wondering where one song ends and the other begins. To me an Opeth album is like one long song. So whenever I see a band being compared to Opeth I kinda expect long sweeping songs that has no beginning and no end. There is a sweeping feeling to this album that makes it a close cousin to any Opeth albums. I got a soft spot for metal albums like this. I like to be taken on a journey of my mind when I listen to music. Be it a violent journey or a more somber I enjoy the ride nevertheless. And with SLEEPERS AWAKE it is a soft journey to the regions of my mind that is like cottoned candy. This is soft and fluffy without it ever being weak in any way. So if you like your metal on the more dreamy side of things this will be the album for you. Call it shoegazing metal if you like. Whatever you call it you’ll end up on a marvelous ride. Anders Ekdahl

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