(Ulterium Records)
I love goth metal. I love female fronted bands. Will I love this as much? I can’t seem to get too much of this kind of stuff. I only need to see that there is a female member in a band for me to go complete bonkers over it. How many symphonic metal bands does the world need? If you ask me there can’t be enough of them. I am a huge sucker for this kind of metal, and even more so if there is a female vocalist to top it off. I even like Evanescence. I don’t think that they are too commercial. Not to mention how much I love Within Temptation. Italian SLEEPING ROMANCE has that Evanescence/Within Temptation vibe that gets my heart pumping a little bit extra. This is a new fave of mine in the symphonic metal sub-genre. Anders Ekdahl

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