“Follow You”
There is something to this whole alternative hardrock thing that is going on in the States that is so foreign to me that I don’t get why people get so overly excited about it. Sure, I’ve tried it and I like it but I wouldn’t say it is the kind of stuff that would save the hardrock sound was it to implode. SleepyPilot might be heavy in a Beatles kind of way but it doesn’t do that much for me to drop everything I’m doing and just follow them. I do like the bluesy edge that they have to their sound. It gives it a groove that I like. I don’t know how well this would fare in Europe but I guess if you go for stuff like Black Crows or Counting Crows or any other borderline band then this might work for you too. Me, I think I need to acquaint myself a bit more with the band before I give my final judgment. For now I’ll go for interesting. Anders Ekdahl

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