Slithering Decay – “Aeons Untold”

Slithering Decay – “Aeons Untold” (Testimony Records)
Battle Helm Rating
After only 2 demos, this Belgian death metal band have garnered enough bestial hunger for this debut – which doesn’t disappoint in any sense of the word! Formed only in 2017, but clearly no spring chickens, the quartet of vocalist / guitarist Jörgen (Grimm, Theudho, Vættur, Weihan, ex-Cryptic Legion, ex-Hatreth, ex-Witchhammer), guitarist Niko (ex-Tyrant’s Kall), bassist Tomas (Barren, Human Vivisection, ex-Fractured Insanity, ex-Storm upon the Masses) and drummer Bart (Ill Fares the Land, ex-Gorath, ex-Fleshmould, ex-Mahlstrøm, ex-Storm upon the Masses) impress through their sterling musicianship, effortlessly blending brutality and technicality with a blissful HM-2 edge in a massive sound mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö. Despite their name, Slithering Decay don’t have a singular predatory instinct, opting to take both old and modern inspirations from across the globe mixing European and American death metal styles both fast and slow with the buzzsaw sound of classic Swe-deth, resulting in one helluva album! Savagely chopping in with whirring riff insanity, ‘Bloodstained Tears’ doesn’t waste time in getting into a death ‘n’ roll groove as the screaming solos explode amid Jörgen’s hollow roar, before slowing it down for a crucial old school headbanging mid song passage until hitting the gas again towards the end with a wailing twin axe attack. Swaggering in with an immensely catchy death ‘n’ roll groove on ‘Internal Dismay’, the sound is thick although the brilliant guitar melodies still shine through as Jörgen and Niko trade off solos in showing their fretboard dexterity as Tomas drops in his own basslines before rollacoasting off into another headbanging groove – a superb band effort if I might say so! Smashing in on ‘Psychotic Ecstasy’ with Tomas’ bass in the fore of the mix really driving the energy of the song’s harsh but catchy turns, Bart unloads his percussive talent through his own powerful display as Jörgen continues to roar in reminding you that behind this huge sound, there are four dudes simply giving it their all. As such, “Aeons Untold” outstandingly captures 10 tracks of tyrannical chaos on this record!
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