(Black Bow Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Originally released in 2011 this split between SLOMATICS and CONAN will now get a rerelease on ogre green vinyl in an edition of 500 copies. 6 tracks of doom from way back when both bands where relatively new to the scene(s). With CONAN hailing from Liverpool (yeah I know it) and SLOMATICS hailing from Belfast this is like a Common Wealth games of doom. I am not the biggest friend of either bands but I do have seen their names floating about. CONAN to me are funeral doom in the Esoteric school of doing things. At least on this one. SLOMATICs are not far behind. They too are heavier than a fully loaded lorry carrying tanks. This is pure slow doom indulgence. A treat for both fans of the bands that want this on vinyl as well as a treat for any slow doom aficionado. Anders Ekdahl

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