Slomatics – “Kalceanna”


Slomatics – “Kalceanna” re-issue (Black Bow Records)

Despite all its troubles, Belfast isn’t a city synonymous with metal, let alone doom sludge! Well, Slomatics have changed all that. A crushing power trio who take inspiration from early Melvins as well as Hawkwind, these guys are actually bass-less with two guitarists in David n Chris, completed by drummer / vocalist Joe. Quite how Slomatics achieve their massive reverb, fuzz drenched heaviness without a 4 string is talk in itself, but needless to say these 40 somethings are gear freaks to say the least – with Joe’s custom kit allegedly being made to Jon Bonham’s specification! The overall effect is nothing short of a steamroller bearing down and finally crushing you as you are caught in the huge sound storm with Joe’s drums smashing in like pulverizing waves and his distant wailing vocals adding even more gloom to the maelstrom. Nevertheless, skullcrushers like ‘By Thor’, ‘Meanwhile’ and the gargantuan 11 minute ‘Viking Sea’ are all catchy in their own right, with plenty of gloomy atmosphere and doom melodies to impress, proving that along with their pedal box technicality, Slomatics equally excel in the quality of their compositions, especially in the way each track builds into culminating intensity. Having recently signed to Black Bow Records, Slomatics are currently working on their fifth album, and this re-issue, along with their debut “Flooding The Weir” only serve to remind the wider world of what lurks beneath in the shadows of the DIY scene.

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