Slough Feg – “Digital Resistance”


Slough Feg – “Digital Resistance” (Metal Blade Records)

‘….And where are they now? The little children of Stonehenge…’ – straight out’ve a comic book – 2000AD to be precise – comes the 70s proto metal of Slough Feg! If like me you were a fan of the Celtic warrior Slaine Mac Roth, then you’ll know that his arch nemesis was none other than – to use his full title – The Lord Weird Slough Feg (which incidentially was the original name of this band too) and tells an ancient tale steeped in Irish folklore, pagan magic and most of all, heroic deeds befitting legends!! Slough Feg the band actually hail from San Francisco and to an extent are also hero rebels, taking a sound that has been all been forgotten and unashamedly bringing it to the modern world without giving into its temptations, namely technology! Dull thudding drums, raw no effects guitar, and Michael Scalzi’s minstrel like singing tell the fables sung in epic battle hymns like ‘Warrior’s Dusk’, the neo-medieval rock of ‘Magic Hooligan’ and my personal fave, the melodic yet powerful simplicity of ‘The Luddite’. With a cover matching that era of late 70s sword n sorcery art Slough Feg take me back to the days when ‘heavy metal’ was not just a magazine but an emerging word for a radical style of music that was fast taking the world by storm – so break out your hero harness and warp spasm over this!

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