SNEW ”You’ve Got Some Nerve”

”You’ve Got Some Nerve”

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This is some really snotty stuff. and I don’t mean that in a negative way. More in a two fingers up to the world snotty. In a way this makes me think of a more gritty Hanoi Rocks. A glam band that has taken a wrong turn and ended up in the even darker alley. This is for all of us that love stuff like Alice Cooper from the 70s, Sweet and then the whole glam scene of the 80s. Yeah, I know that I am supposed to be all 80s thrash but I still have to admit that bands like Cinderella and Kix and even Warrant had some decent tunes even if their looks left a lot to be desired. I am old enough to admit that now. And that is where I find SNEW. Anders Ekdahl

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