SNOWY SHAW “White Is The New Black”

”White Is The New Black”

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SNOWY SHAW is a name that you should be familiar with as he has been all over the place it seems. From being a part of bands to being band leader to this new solo adventure. He is a man you cannot miss. The last time I did anything with him was the Notre Dame VHS release. That was like back in a different millennium. As I sit here with his first proper (?) solo album it strikes me that this man has spent way too much time with King Diamond. Not that that is anything bad. I love King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. So if the is anybody you should spend too much time with it is King Diamond. So that part of this album I just love. But as I sit here and listen to this I realize that SNOWY is a person of many shapes. This album mixes everything from King Diamond theatrics to Rammstein industrial-ism to many other forms of metal. On paper It might seem like a complete fuck up but on record this works wonder making this a very cohesive album, despite all the inspiration and influences crammed into it. Anders Ekdahl

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