Sodom – “Epitome Of Torture”

Sodom – “Epitome Of Torture” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Sodom form part of the unholy triumvirate (the other two being Kreator and Destruction) making up German thrash metal scene in the 80s and are still on the same label they signed to back then! Despite going thru a multitude of members, and even changes to the band’s sound, bassist Tom Angelripper (aka Onkel Tom) continues to drive his band onto what is now their 14th album. With over 32 years under his (bullet) belt, Angelripper shows scarcely any signs of mellowing as his bitterness and cynicism continue to shine on hateful songs like ‘My Final Bullet’ or the raging ‘Katjuscha’, named after the Russian rocket launcher but wittily jibing at it’s namesake folk song by including some melodies from it – brilliant! These days the band’s sound leans more towards modern Slayer with Angelripper’s throat strained screams akin to Araya and Berneman’s guitar churning out some furious post apocalyptic riffing in savage splendor. With drummer Makka kicking it in fine double bass style Sodom venture into Tank territory on the mean but groovy “Into The Skies Of War” but overall the band still play what they always have – hard as nails thrash. Produced by Waldemar Sorychta, the sound is akin to his previous work on Sodom’s 2010 release “In War And Pieces” which brought the band’s sound to the fore without tempering any of its resentment! Completing the picture (no pun intended) is the superb cover art by Meran Karanitant featuring Angelripper’s long time mascot Knarrenheinz, now given the “Silent Hill” treatment on what is definitely one of Sodom’s stand out albums in their career.

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