Sodom – “Sacred Warpath”


Sodom – “Sacred Warpath” EP (Steamhammer / SPV)

Some things never change and Sodom are one of them. One of Germany’s thrash pillars fronted by ‘Onkel’ Tom Angelripper, they have been hacking and slashing their way over the years with little in the way of compromise, concepts or cop outs! With things looking seriously bleak in Europe after 4 years of austerity then ‘Sacred Warpath’ is Tom’s world address on life in general. Raging in anarchic pandemonium with chopping brutality, the noise is so great Angelripper is literally shouting over the noise to be heard on this musical manifestation of world’s end. Originally written for their upcoming album, Sodom have decided to release it as a sadistic appetizer to already start your nightmares although its old school style certainly brings back pleasant memories for me ha ha! Adding to the manic mayhem are 3 live tracks from the Ramones ‘Surfing Bird’ cover intro to ‘The Saw Is The Law’ to ‘Stigmatized’ that is pure old school blurring thrash cussed by hate spat lyrics, Berneman’s chainsaw guitar and Makka’s hammering drums. Completing the deranged trio is the Slayer-esque ‘City Of God’ resplendent with throat strained roaring Araya vocals and an old school cover drawn by Angelripper himself back in the 80s now given a makeover in oil paints by Christian Ermel. With the 10 inch clear vinyl limited to a strict 1,000 copies they’ll be fighting over it just like on Black Fridays!

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