Sofisticator – “Death By Zapping”


Sofisticator – “Death By Zapping” (Earthquake Terror Noise)

Despite hailing from Florence, a Renaissance city famed the world over for its culture, art and architecture, Sofisticator barf at it all taking their inspiration instead from the insane wailings of old school thrashers like Exodus, Destruction and Bulldozer. With names like Atomik Bahnhof on bass, Don Hammier on guitar and drummer Crudelio Von Füst, songs like ‘Channel 666’, ‘Walter Texas Thrasher‘ and ‘Rot Wash & Roll‘ leave little to the imagination being neck breakers guaranteed to produce serious whiplash with more rebounding thrashola riffs than a tag team wrestling match, all sped effortlessly along by Disossator’s sick, belched n spat vocals. Having recorded their debut in – wait for it – Putrido Studios this 14 track sophomore is their follow up delivering sick thrash to the max that their bastardized name has butchered brilliantly. Beyond their drunken debauched revelry, these Italians are nun tight in their musicianship which although not garnering artistic merit in its originality is just that piece of insanity for the Christmas party!

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