SOFY MAJOR “Idolize”

I don’t want to offend the band but the first time I saw the name I thought it was a Czech porn star doing a music career as a solo star. But it isn’t. This is a band. And as that I’ll treat it with the respect it needs and deserves. I’m not much for noise or powerchord or what the hell it is that the noisier end of the spectra is called. Mostly because I’m almost totally unfamiliar with it. Listening to SOFY MAJOR I can’t help thinking back to Helmet. I really liked the off-beat music in the borderline of metal/hardcore that Helmet produced on their albums. Add some Prong to the equation and you might get a drift of what SOFY MAJOR is all about. In all this you’ll find me digging it all. There is a charm to not being as everybody else is. SOFY MAJOR proves that very well. And what about the noise rock part then? Beats me. Anders Ekdahl

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