Soilwork – “The Living Infinite”

Soilwork – “The Living Infinite” 2CD (Nuclear Blast)

These guys have been going since the mid 90s and were influenced by the likes of extreme metal bands like Meshuggah along with the now legendary Gothenburg melodic death scene. In many ways Soilwork themselves went on to inspire many a metal core band but they were destined for a somewhat different path. “The Living Infinite” is quite possibly the band’s most ambitious project to date being a double album made up of 20 tracks no less! What is even more striking is the sheer range of other styles that today make up Soilwork’s sound: from mainstream metal with keyboard harmonies to commercial rock to alt rock (with Justin Sullivan of New Model Army guesting on ‘The Windswept Mercy’) to even old school metal complete with epic finishes. Nevertheless, at its heart Soilwork still remains almost melancholic, driven by twin guitar melodies and a propelling rhythm fueled by a dark energy that can be savagely unleashed at any time on songs like ‘Drowning With Silence’ and ‘Let The First Wave Rise’. With Speed Strid’s vocals also taking a range from scream to raw to clean and a ‘big’ sound production, “The Living Infinite” goes beyond that of another impressive Soilwork release to striving for generic metal perfection!

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