SOLACE AND STABLE “The Systematic Erosion Of Integrity”

”The Systematic Erosion Of Integrity”
I’ve complained and complained over and over again about how much I don’t understand metalcore of today. I think I’ll stop wasting time and energy on it from now on and just embrace it for what it is. If you can’t beat it join it. In theory I’d embrace it with open arms. In reality there is a threshold that I can’t seem to get over. Perhaps Solace & Stable are the band to push me through. My greatest qualm with metalcore is the break beats. Why the hell do they have to break the flow of the song? Solace & Stable are more hardcore in that sense. They go more for the throat with their music. Which is why I have an easier time getting into this. This is the kind of music that I could go for every day of the week. This is what metalcore is to me. This is great. Anders Ekdahl

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