( Indisciplinarian/Vendetta Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a Danish band that I have followed since their first album and over their second to this their third. So I got some expectations on this new one. Danish black metal is not the most common thing that spins in my CD-player but once it does it is often of a very high standard. So I expect nothing less from this one. And this is a band that I am familiar with and have even interviewed. I liked their two previous albums so it is with a certain degree of anticipation that I take on this new one. Being a Swede I’ve always felt that I am bit more serious than the Danes. They have a more jovial take on life but then you get to hear stuff like this and you realize that there is a darker side to the Danes too. All isn’t just “hygge” and beer. And the title “Vemod” do indicate that. Vemod is a feeling of sadness and loss. It is not a happy feeling. And that is something that SOLBRUD has managed to capture on this album. This is not a happy black metal album. Sound wise this borders on blackgaze with heavy touches of atmospheric and dsbm. Or the other way round. And since I am Swedish and melancholic this is like x-mas for me. And in combination with a rainy summer’s day this is my soundtrack for the day. Anders Ekdahl

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