SOLDIERFIELD “Bury The Ones We Love”

“Bury The Ones We Love”
This one is a total blank to me. I haven’t read a thing about them before I came upon this album. Don’t know if this will be a very positive experience or if it will leave me with a blank expression on my face. I do kinda expect this to be some sort of heavy metal, hopefully following in the great tradition of NWOBHM but I’ll settle for any kind of heavy metal as long as it gets my feet moving. And while this isn’t strictly NWOBHM in style it is pretty much heavy metal the way I like it. I get a distinct “old” feeling listening to this that brings me back to 80s British bands like Tokyo Blade or Tygers Of Pan Tang, more in spirit than actual sound. But given that I’ve recently started to work my way back through the older bands of the British scene this came as a nice surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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